Beatrix de Rijkstraat 1 + 99 
3088 HL Rotterdam 

De Punt                                         De Punt Reglement/Regulations 

Botlekweg 176 
3197 KA Rotterdam 

Distripark Botlek

Tweedweg 1 
3197 LM Rotterdam


Antonie Bodaanweg 99
3088 KG Rotterdam

Maasvlakte Plaza                    Maasvlakte Plaza Reglement/Regulations

Hormuzstraat 50 P
3199 KW Rotterdam

Maasvlakte Plaza Zuid

Luzonstraat 6
3199 KX Rotterdam

  • Entrance with a barrier / speed gate.
  • On arrival, you will receive a card that remains your property.
  • You can recharge the card at the pay machine with a credit card, debit card, or DKV and UTA card. You can use this card to pay for the facilities and any parking fees due upon leaving the site.
  • Parking subscribers must always hold a valid access pass.